I have made these pages to my own use but if You will find something fun or necessary, Im happy! I have wrote (and will write) about things which are interesting and important for Me.

The most important thing in my life is  --- Real Way to Home.

The second important thing in my life I will introduce here!




Here I am - Eric MacKonte aka MacKonte or Kontiki.

I live in Little Village near the Business City (Chicago, PH, Finland).

Im 50+ years old (depends when remember update).

My job is teach electronics and computers.

My hobbies are cycling, bicycles, RC-planes, cars, music, wood handcrafts.

Lifestyle:   Life is too short to sleep!




Here is my dear wife Ulrike.

She is little younger than me.

Her job is take blood tests in laboratory of big hospital.

Her hobbies are handcrafts and housekeeping.

Lifestyle: Sleeping is same as put money to bank!



Here is my daughter Susan.

She lives in Kotka with her family (husband, four nice child and little dog).

She is mother and student.




Here is my son Mark.

He lives in Helsinki with his wife and son. He is adult but younger than Susan.

He is photo/videographer and art director in his company.


  Here is my son Mike.

He is younger than Mark.

He studies astrophysics in University of Edinburgh, Scotland.